20160209 DNR

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Did Not Run..slept in. Was it worth it? Not really, probably never really went back to sleep.

Kicking myself? Yes. Kind of mad, actually – I. Want. To. Run!

20160208 Run

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5.86 mi, 52:07, 8:54 min/mi, 82 ft, 21°, 156 bpm (Garmin, Strava)

Monday, 449a, +Dan

Dan and I drove into Cherry Creek State Park for an easy 5-mile run. It was chilly at first but we settled into the frigid temps a little after that.

Ascent is a bit lower now that we’re driving into the park. These type of runs usually yield at least 150 ft. Today is 82 ft. I’m okay with that until the path from Dan’s house melts.

My heart rate was nice and low on this one despite being sub-9 pace. Felt pretty good. Not much else to report, today – except for.. THE DENVER BRONCOS ARE SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS!

That’s right. Cam “Mr Showboat” can blame his team all he wants and not give credit to the Broncos – but dude – you got rocked. I don’t think I saw a single smile from him during the game.

20160206 Run

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6.08 mi, 57:06 min, 9:23 min/mi, 171 ft, 21°, 161 bpm (Garmin, Strava)

Saturday, 504a, +Dan

A cold run with Dan this morning; colder than twenty one degrees. Both Dan and I were pretty unenthused about this run. The pace was okay on Lake View Rd, but Shop Creek Trail (aka the “Dan Mile”, “DM”) was terrible with deep-enough snow.

Dan and I decided that for tomorrow’s run, we’re going to drive into Cherry Creek and bypass DM all together. There’s a parking lot right at the end of DM so we’ll park there. The mile markers should stay relatively same, then.

I’m sick of cold-weather running especially when terrain and wind get involved; but super glad to be back (even if it’s from Florida) – I’d rather run in icy patches and cold weather than a warm day on the sand. You can ask me again after tomorrow’s 12-miler, though.

201601 Run Summary, etc

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Count: 21 Activities
Distance: 142.77 mi
Time: 23:32:38 h:m:s
Elevation Gain: 3,907 ft
Avg Speed: 6.1 mph
Avg HR: 162 bpm
Calories: 14,364 C
Avg Time: 1:07:16 h:m:s
Avg Distance: 6.80 mi

(source: Garmin Connect Reports)

My assessment of January is that it’s okay. I would’ve liked to see the Distance north of 150 mi, and my Avg HR south of 160 bpm.

But, this just means there’s room for improvement 🙂


20160126 Run

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7.33mi, 1:05:43h, 8:57min/mi, 171ft, 16°, 162bpm (Garmin, Strava)

Tuesday, 438a with Dan

Got for a run today that initially was going to be a 10-miler…than an 8-miler. But with the later start, and just really thinking it through, it wouldn’t have been good to go out for a 10-miler – so Dan and I chose to go 7.

In retrospect, a 10-miler would’ve been just fine.

Everything felt fine on this run. Even the cold wind seemed to dissipate after a while.

After the run, I felt a little bit of weirdness in my left knee but when I got home, it as mostly my left quad barking. I’ll let that dog relax for the rest of the day and hopefully be ready for another mid-distance run.

I’ve had other runs too, but failed to post about them. You can generally find them on my Garmin page, if you’re really interested.